Anmol Parande

I am a high school Senior passionate about physics, computer science, and biology. I am proficient in mobile application development using XCode(Swift) and Unity(C#) as well as website development with PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, and Python. My applications are available on the Apple Store and have received good traction from users. Along with my academic and programming skills, I hold a leadership role as the Lieutenant Governor of the Midwest Junior State of America (JSA), a debate organization. I am a National winner in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competition for Mobile Application Development, and I am a key player on my school’s Varsity Tennis Team.


GoGreen: Carbon Tracker

GoGreen is an iOS app that individuals use to track their carbon footprint. From monthly data which users input, GoGreen helps identify areas where users can reduce their energy use and compares their consumption to the national average, as well as to others in their city and state. I am currently marketing GoGreen and spreading awareness so more people can learn about their impact on the climate. It is the winner of the Congressional App Challenge 2017 for Illinois’ 10th District. I used Swift for the front-end and Node.JS with a MySQL server for the backend.

June 2017 - Present

SparkLeg IL

SparkLeg IL is a website which provides comprehensive, understandable summaries of bills passing through the Illinois State Legislature. By empowering constituents to understand the bills and contact their representatives about them, the website helps people become more involved in Illinois' political process. It was developed in Node.JS and hosted on a Linux server.

November 2017 - Present


In Spring 2016, a group of friends and I learned about the Rohingya, which are an ethnic minority in Myanmar. We found out that they were being persecuted by the Burnese government, and the situation was bordering genocide. As part of an activism fair, we created several elements to spread word throughout the school. As a result of our efforts, we were able to raise and donate $300 towards a charity that aided that Rohingya.

April 2016

Cube Swarm

Cube Swarm is an addicting arcade game that requires players to defend themselves against an army of cubes. Its goal was to add a new dimension to an ordinary object, a cube, and turn it into something that people of all ages could enjoy. I used Unity C# to build the game.

June 2015 - September 2015


ResearchIt is a scientific content aggregator that provides users a dashboard of videos, scholarly articles, and scientific news on virtually any STEM topic they search. Its primary goal is to educate people through small, easily understandable pieces of information. I used Objective-C for the front-end and ASP.NET with a MySQL server for the backend.

December 2014


Midwest Lieutenant Governor

Junior State of America (JSA)

I am the Midwest Lieutenant Governor at the Junior State of America(JSA), a nation-wide debate organization that is entirely student-run. Alongside the Governor, I lead the Midwest Cabinet, which plans and executes state conventions. I coordinate with each Cabinet Department, from publicity to debate, to ensure we work cohesively and properly enact our plans at conventions. Specifically, I prepare debate resolutions to produce heated debate; organize activism initiatives, such as voter registration drives, to engage students in the political process; generate funds for JSA; work with schools to help grow their membership; and much more to promote political participation among students.


Chapter Vice President of Technology

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

As the Vice President of Technology for my school's FBLA Chapter, I manage the chapter's technology. This includes promoting and maintiain the website as well as data processing. In addition to maintiaining the technology, I lead chapter meetings.


Software Intern

DivIHN Integration

At DivIHN I worked on a project with Baxter which involved creating a database for internal use in their company. I also automated processes on DivIHN’s projects with Deloitte and IBM.

June 2017 - August 2017

Sales Associate


I worked as a cashier and provided customer service.

June 2017 - August 2017

Founder of Fluance

MIT Launch

At the MIT Launch Program for Entrepreneurship, I started a new a business by developing the website, marketing it via social media, and pitching it to influential businessmen. The startup I created, named Fluance, connected people around the world so they could learn each other’s language and culture. I conducted market research on the streets of Cambridge and contacted organizations for possible partnerships. The site was developed in Node.JS and hosted on a Linux server.

June 2017 - August 2017


Vernon Hills High School

GPA: 4.657
August 2014 - May 2018

Programming Languages & Tools


Math Team

I paricipate in my school's math team which competes in the North Suburban Math League in Illinois. Each year, we have made it to the state competition and placed high in our division. In addition to the normal competition, I partipate in the oral, two person, and team competitions. I am ranked within the Top 10 for the Oral competition within the North Suburban Math League


I am a Varisty member of the school Robotics team. We compete at Abbott Laboratories against several other schools. My team and I won second place at our largest competition last year, and I placed 3rd this year.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

I won 10th place at the FBLA National competition in Mobile Application Development for developing the app Outfit Advice (2016). Outfit Advice allows users to collaborate in choosing outfits. Since Illinois is highly under-represented in FBLA’s programming competitions, I am one of the few students from Illinois who is representing us at a National Level.

Science Olympiad Coach

Each weekend, I coach an event for my Middle School Science Olympiad Team. During Middle School, I placed highly in all my events in Science Olympiad for the State Competition. Several of the events that I participated in dealt with topics such as thermodynamics, electric circuits and topographical maps. I have placed 1st and 2nd in State for some of these events.

Varsity Tennis

I have been playing tennis since before middle school. For the last three years, I played on my school's Varsity Team in Singles and Doubles. The team has won our division each year, and I have competed at Sectionals.