Anmol Parande

I am an undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I enjoy building systems which employ data-driven techniques to help individuals achieve new levels of efficiency and self-knowledge. I have experience in mobile applications, websites, and machine learning.

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Defining Algorithmic Bias

Mon Apr 15 2019
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A Content Moderation scheme for Facebook and other Social Media

Wed Mar 13 2019
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The Inadequacy of IP Law When Applied to Software

Tue Feb 19 2019
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Mobile Apps

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iOS - Swift
October 2018 - December 2018

An anti-procrastination app which helps students build time management skills by automatically constructing a homework schedule for them

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GoGreen: Carbon Tracker

iOS - Swift
June 2017 - August 2018

A carbon footprint monitor which helps users measure and track their carbon footprint to help them improve their energy habits

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Cube Swarm

iOS/Android - Unity
June 2015 - September 2015

An arcade-style defense game in which the player must defend themselves against an army of cubes


Library Occupancy Prediction

Analyzed UC Berkeley Library Occupancy Data to develop a model which could predict library occupancy

Viola-Jones Object Detection

Implemented the Viola-Jones algorithm based on the original research paper and published two-part tutorial on Medium

Machine Learning from Scratch

Implemented Machine Learning Algorithms from scratch in Python with no Machine Learning libraries such as Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch etc

Fruit Classification

Designed deep Convolutional Neural Network with Tensorflow to classify images of fruits

March Madness with Machine Learning

Generated brackets for the March Madness college basketball tournament using Machine Learning